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There are a lot of pages and useful information on the site, some of which can easily be missed. Listing the web pages and all video clips is an effort to make some of the more hidden information more accessible.

Web Pages
Aba aba.htm
American Kestrel AMKestrel.htm
Anklets anklets.htm
Aplomado Falcon aplomado.htm
Operant Conditioning Basics basics.htm
Various raptor beaks beak.htm
Becoming a Falconer becoming.htm
So you think you want to be a falconer... beginning.htm
Raptor Behavior behavior.htm
Bell bell.htm
Birds birds.htm
Bookshelf bookshelf.htm
Casting a bird cast.htm
Chaps chaps.htm
Choanal or Choanal Slit choanal.htm
Cloaca cloaca.htm
Clubs clubs.htm
Contact information (and recognition of contributors) contact.htm
Cooper's Hawk coopers.htm
Coping coping.htm
Creance creance.htm
Raptor diseases diseases.htm
Various raptor ears ear.htm
Eurasian Eagle Owl EEO.htm
Raptor Electrocution electrocution.htm
Eurasian Kestrel EURkestrel.htm
Eurasian Sparrowhawk EURsparrowhawk.htm
Eyes eyes.htm
The Falconry Lifestyle falconry_lifestyle.htm
Feathers feathers.htm
Foot care feet.htm
Ferruginous Hawk ferruginous.htm
Planning a bird's first hunt first_hunt.htm
First Aid firstaid.htm
Fret marks fretmarks.htm
Frounce frounce.htm
Falconry Fundamentals fundamentals.htm
Gallery gallery.htm
Training Games games.htm
General Biology gen_biology.htm
General Equipment gen_equipment.htm
General Health gen_health.htm
Great Horned Owl gho.htm
Glossary glossary.htm
Glove glove.htm
Golden Eagle golden.htm
Goshawk goshawk.htm
Gyrfalcon gyrfalcon.htm
Harris Hawk harris.htm
Hawk Box (giant hood) hawkbox.htm
History of Falconry history.htm
Hoods hoods.htm
Horse and Hawk Connection horsehawk.htm
Home page index.htm
Jess extender jess_extender.htm
Jesses jesses.htm
Falconers knot knot.htm
Leash leash.htm
Legal issues in falconry (guidelines on how to stay legal) legal.htm
Links links.htm
Lures lures.htm
Merlin merlin.htm
Mews mews.htm
Mutes mutes.htm
Raptor Nutrition nutrition.htm
Non-falconry Raptors other_raptors.htm
Wrapping a perch perch_wrap.htm
Perches perches.htm
Peregrine Falcon peregrine.htm
Prairie Falcon prairie.htm
Pre-Trapping List pre-trapping.htm
Preen gland preen.htm
Publications publications.htm
Puncture wounds puncture.htm
Frequently asked questions questions.htm
Red-Shouldered Hawk redshouldered.htm
Red-Tail Hawk redtail.htm
Roark roark.htm
Saker saker.htm
Screen Perches screen_perch.htm
Sharp-Shinned Hawk sharpshin.htm
Suppliers suppliers.htm
Swainson's Hawk swainsons.htm
Swivel swivel.htm
Tail guard tailguard.htm
Telemetry telemetry.htm
Tire perch tire_perch.htm
Trachea trachea.htm
Training raptors using Operant Conditioning training.htm
Traps and trapping traps_and_trapping.htm
Vets vets.htm

Video Clips
Bate: 290 Kb bate.wmv
Bath (long): 1.9 meg bath1.wmv
Bath (short): 312 Kb bath2.wmv
Head bob: 862 Kb bob.wmv
Bowse: 256 Kb bowse.wmv
Cast (head motions normal before casting followed by a bird casting): 917 Kb cast.wmv
Circles: 331 Kb circles.wmv
Circles in the sun: 2 meg circles_in_the_sun.wmv
Crouch: 875 Kb crouch.wmv
A bird and her dog: 1.3 meg dog_bird.wmv
Feak: 1.1 meg feak.wmv
Loading and exiting a hawkbox: 2.5 meg hawkbox.wmv
Head turning: 595 Kb head_turns.wmv
Hooding: 803 Kb hooding.wmv
Jump-ups and circles: 2.8 meg jumps_circles.wmv
Jump-ups: 518 Kb jumpup.wmv
Laying Down: 1.2 meg laying_down.wmv
Look up: 203 Kb look_up.wmv
Mantle (hiding food): 526 Kb mantle.wmv
Mantle (stretch): 869 Kb mantle_stretch.wmv
Mute: 694 Kb mute.wmv
Preen: 562 Kb preen.wmv
Put over a crop: 869 Kb put_over.wmv
Remote circles: 750 Kb remote_circle.wmv
Remote jump-ups: 1.1 meg remote_jumpups.wmv
Restrained Pursuit: 323 Kb rp.wmv
Rouse: 637 Kb rouse.wmv
Stoop (USAFA short line lure stooping): 318 Kb stoop2.wmv
Stoop (master falconer Ron Kearney pole lure stooping): 644 Kb stoop.wmv
Warble: 436 Kb warble_stretch.wmv
Yo-Yo: 318 Kb yoyo.wmv

All images and text Copyright © 2004 - 2020 - Lydia Ash