The Aplomado is native to Central and South America.

A colorful falcon, this bird has speckled under-wings, a dark blue-gray tail with thin white stripes. The back, head, and wings are a blue-black color with a light stripe above the eyes. This bird is similar to the Prairie, except darker and more vibrant.
           Immature Aplomado image An immature Aplomado, still a bit downy on the head
           Aplomado image A mature Aplomado Falcon

Typical quarry caught with the Aplomado will be small birds such as Quail or Doves. In the wild these birds typically eat small birds and insects, small reptiles, rodents, grasshoppers, lizards, and snakes.

This bird actually hunts more like the Accipiters than a typical falcon.
The word "Aplomado" is Spanish for lead-colored referring to the bird's blue-black coloring. It is also called the Orange-Chested Hobby.
Like most small falcons, Aplomados are known for carrying their catch. They are also known to want to migrate in certain times of year.

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