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Equipment and Suppliers

Individual Artisans
Aurelia Kucera - All kinds of braided equipment and beautiful hoods

Jeff Ross - All kinds of braided equipment, made to order at incredible prices

Mike Craig - All kinds of braided equipment, made to order at great prices

Larry Counce - Master Bellmaker

Bryant Tarr - Hood maker; Bryant sells hoods and is highly supportive of new hoodmakers. He can be contacted at

Ron Rollins - Hood maker

Paul Domski - Hood maker and hood restoration services - re-bracing, re-blocking, and overall hood maintainence

Ken Hooke - Hood maker of traditional Kazakh and Khan hoods

Doug Pineo - Hood maker, glove and swivel maker

Salman Ali - jeweled bells, mangalahs, and assorted falconry equipment or

Dion Thomson - Leashes, Jesses, and other braided equipment

Clayton Smith - Hoodmaker

Larry Ray - Hoodmaker

Jim Osborne - Hoodmaker 307-472-1032

High-Tech Falconry - Poly-carbonate hoods by Mike Todd and Justin Tanner

Traditions (Jim Spohn) - excellent custom gloves

Woods Falcon Farm - custom hoods, particularly excellent Kestrel hoods

Jeff Alkire - Artist, Hawk House Art

Food Suppliers
Northwest Gamebirds - Idaho

Whole Foods 4 Pets - good source for frozen rabbits - Washington

Boyd's Bird Company, Inc. - quail supplier - 3805 Airport Rd, Pullman, WA 99163, phone: (509) 332-3109

Frog Chorus Farm - frozen rabbits - Washington

Gourmet Rodent - Florida

RodentPro - Indiana

Mike Dupuy Hawk Food - Michigan

Christensen's Golden Quail - Iowa

Brad Mitchel - South Dakota

Pro-Vital - supplements

VitaHawk - supplements

Necton USA - supplements - 14405 60th St. North, Clearwater Fl. 34620, phone: (813)530-3500, Fax: (813)539-0647

Millbrook Cricket Farms - crickets, superworms, and other insects

Armstrong's Cricket Farm - crickets, mealworms, etc

Timberline Fisheries - crickets, mealworms, etc

Riverview Hutterite Poultry - cockerels and poultry 1145 Dugout Road, Box 238, Chester, MT 59522, 406-456-3338

Orchard Tree Exotics - reseller of Quick-Bio

Exotic Nutrition - insects

Specific Equipment
Jedds Fine Avian Products

Marshall Radio Telemetry

Merlin Systems

Custom Electronics - 941-480-9703 - 2090 Timucua Trail, Nokomis FL. 34275

Pecard - leather dressing

Falconcrest - excellent hoods and leather equipment

Ohaus - Scales
The Ohaus Triple Beam balances are a long time favorite of falconers

Oldwillknott - Scales
The KD-600 is a fine scale

Delta Kites - Kites and information on kite training longwings

Jann's Netcraft - Swivels and netmaking materials

Angler's Center - Ball Bearing swivels (Momoi)

Bullet Jesses

Bally Ribbon Mills - Teflon ribbon for backpack mounted telemetry - BRM Part: 847600187N 8476-3/16" NATURAL TUBULAR TEFLON TAPE

Clips - Some falconers really like the Mueller 10 amp center-squeeze electrical clip. These can be found through many electrical equipment catalogs.

Sideline - for creating an orthopedic form for bumblefoot

Hose2Habitat - Habitat enrichment

General Equipment
Falconcrest Falconry and Hawking Equipment

Western Sporting

Hancock House publishers

Mike's Falconry Supplies

Cabela's (one of the few outfitters with women's clothing)

Falconry Equipment International

Stanislav's Falconry Supplies

Pineo Falconry

Davidson Falconry

Spro swivels

Foy's Pigeon Supplies - useful for medicine and health management

Tandy Leather Supplies - general leather working equipment

Lance Christensen

Cheri Heimbach - Harris Hawk Breeder

Danny Erstgard - Gyrfalcon Breeder

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