Eurasian Kestrel
This bird is native to Europe and one of their most common raptors.
This bird is not to be confused with the American Kestrel or the Eurasian Sparrowhawk.

           Kestrel image A Eurasian Kestrel on the left and an American Kestrel on the right, both female.
Photo courtesy of Will Poole. Eurasian Kestrel owned and flown by Will Lake
The immature plumage of the Kestrel is not distinguishable from the mature plumage, although the male and female are very differently colored. The female is a more brown than the male, both having a barred tail - the female's is brown while the male's is blue-gray.

Typical quarry caught with the Kestrel are small birds and mammals, but can take a dove. These birds typically subsist on small birds, voles, and insects in the wild.
This small raptor has a unique ability to hover in mid-flight.

The European Kestrel is also referred to as the Windhover, the Eurasian Kestrel, and the Common Kestrel making distinction from the American Kestrel and Eurasian Sparrowhawk difficult.
The female European Kestrel will fly at around 160g - 180g.

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