Roark (aka Lonesome Dove's Smith & Wesson)

Video of a dog and his bird Click to download and play - it will take a minute to download

Roark image Roark at the dog park - alert!
Roark image Roark looking for rabbits or small birds in the briars and brush
Roark image Roark after fetching - he has a cow mouth!
Roark image Roark after a different day of fetching - he fetches a lot...
Roark image Roark in the field again...
Roark image Successful hunt! Roark caught the scent of this one and worked with Steve Layman's JRTs. Patty made her catch - great team!
Roark image Although Roark gets along with Neko, Neko rarely tolerates him. One of the rare shots of animalic harmony

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