Other Raptors
           Shaheen image An immature Red-Naped Shaheen - when this bird is an adult, there will be red feathers down the nape of the neck, looking like somebody poured ketchup down his head

           Shaheen image An immature Barbary Falcon. A Barbary Falcon is not native to North America, although it is similar to a Peregrine Falcon.

Hybrids are also popular options in falconry, and sometimes occur naturally in the wild. Often hybrids have many benefits, but they can sometimes have detriments to their hybrid attributes. For example, many who fly Merlin-Gyrfalcon or Prairie-Merlin hybrids report problems with feather breakage. The tail feathers are found to be too long for the strength of the shaft and are prone to breaking in a tussle with prey. A Gyrfalcon-Peregrine has two birds of more similar size and structure and doesn't have this problem as commonly.
Anatum-Barbary hybrids and Peales-Barbary hybrids tend to love to stay on the wing. The Barbary in the hybrid tends to love to hit prey, like ducks, hard.

           Gyr-Barbary image A hybrid falcon - a cross of a Gyrfalcon and a Barbary.

           Gyr-Peregrine image A hybrid falcon - a cross of a Gyrfalcon and a Peregrine.

           Gyr-Saker image A hybrid falcon - a cross of a Gyrfalcon and a Saker. Yeti is owned and flown by the US Air Force Academy.

           Snowy Owl image A Snowy Owl - Often noted for peculiarities possibly due to be diurnal owls. As an example, some refuse to eat outside.
                    Snowy Owl stooping to the lure        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi0axyVTkkI

           Osprey image An Osprey - Osprey are specialized for fishing having special scales on the bottom of their feet with spines that help them grip slippery prey. Often called the fish hawk.
           Bald Eagle image A Bald Eagle - these are not used for hunting or for any falconry purposes. Raptor mortality per species varies in the wild, however Bald Eagles appear to have higher survivability than some other species. Of 100 Bald Eagles hatched in the wild, some studies estimate that 37 will still survive in five years, which is substantially higher than the 5 Red-Tail Hawks that are estimated to last to this age.

           Barn Owl image A Barn Owl
           Barred Owl image A Barred Owl
                    White Barred Owl        http://www.michaelfurtman.com/Photos/owls/Barred%20Owls/index.html
           Owl image A Northern Pygmy Owl
           Owl image A Spectacled Owl

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