Chaps are primarily used when hunting squirrels as squirrels have sharp teeth and strong jaws and can severely injure a bird's leg or toe. These chaps were a joint effort by Marten Benetar and Michael Harrison. They are a modified version of Gary Brewer's design. These particular chaps are for a female Red-Tail. It takes a little experimenting with the thickness of the materials that you use in order to keep the weight down. Kangaroo hide is the preferred material for chaps as it is the lightest leather, yet the strongest.
Marten Benetar has made his template available here: Chap design
           Chap image A very fine set of chaps made by Marten Benetar. The two pieces on the right snap together to make a single chap shown on the left.
Photo courtesy of Marten Benetar

           Chap image Chaps shown on a Red-Tail. Note how low they come covering the toes and tarsus from attack.
Photo courtesy of Marten Benetar

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